You listen as the water beats gently against the window of your room. You’ve slept in strange rooms before, but never so far from home. Was this a good decision? Are you too unprepared for the wildeness of Coelath? You begin to roll over the past two weeks again in your mind.

You’d grown up seeking adventure, exploring the wilderness around your home with friends. As you got older you had helped the local city guard clear out Kobold nests and wolf dens, but you felt a draw for something more. You traveled to the nearest Adventurers’ Guild to register, seeking something more to your life. You found a notice on a board near the entrance, inviting adventurers to the newly settled land of Coelath in search of riches and glory.

After asking around you discovered that they were building a new guild in Coelath, outside of Gwayn castle. The guild would be responsible for exploring further into the island, and maintaining order outside of the castle. Gwayn had recently reduced their city guard, and would be outsourcing much of the city protection to the guild as well. They would need many adventurers with skill and drive, two things you had in spades. If you were to ever make your name, this would be the place. You resolved to head to Coelath right away.

After an eleven day trip at sea you arrived in the port of Gwayn, and explored the small city before heading to the adventurers’ guild. Registering with the guild, you were given a small room to make your own and told to report to the hall in the early morning. There you would be assigned to a group with other newly arrived adventurers and given your first job. That morning is quickly approaching, and you have not yet been able to sleep. You shift your focus to the sound of the rain again. The continually tap tap tap sound on the glass eases your mind, and you find yourself slipping off.


Getting Started

Champions of Gwayn

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